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Website Content Preparation Is Essential

Think about it, without website content preparation it is guesswork. If you are having a website built or choosing the DIY option, you have an idea of what you want. The plan may not be as simple as “I want a website”, it will likely involve a functional purpose.
You probably have styling preferences, especially relevant to an established business.

First of all, before starting any design, website content preparation is vital. Start with establishing the necessary basics:

  • Do you have your websites domain name?
  • Furthermore, where are you going to host the website?
  • Also what content management system (CMS) are you choosing?

When using our services you only need to consider the first point, we can supply hosting and the WordPress CMS. Choosing a domain name can be difficult as you may have already experienced that your actual business name is unavailable.
If you are unable to get your company name with .com extension, you may want to consider adding a suffix like “”. You may also find another extension instead .com might be available, like

In addition to the first three points, there is some content you should consider:

  • What colour scheme do you require?
  • Is there particular font styles you would like?
  • Do you have a logo?
  • How many pages will your website need?
  • What images do you want on those pages?
  • Have you written the copy for the pages?

These points are particularly important if you are having someone else build your website. Now let’s go into detail a little more.

Colour Scheme

If you already have a business, it is likely you have at least a primary colour. With your primary colour, you can use tools like Coolors to create or browse colour palettes.
Consider colours that complement your primary colour.

When starting out this can be a somewhat daunting task, luckily it gives you a company-wide opportunity for consistency. Consider talking to a business marketer; this can provide insight into social behaviour with colours.
There are many websites like Designs School and Visme that provide excellent visual colour schemes to aid you.

Kadpro colour scheme requirement from clients:

  • At least one primary colour.
  • 3-4 shades of colour or tones of grey.

Font Styles

Again with an established business you likely have font styles already. With a website, it is essential that your fonts are easy to read on a range of devices. We suggest using google fonts as they are royalty-free and they have a vast selection of options to choose.
You want heading fonts that standout while still being part of the content. General copy text needs to be clear yet have slight character; I like Roboto.

Kadpro font style requirement from clients:

  • At least one heading font preference.
  • A general copy font preference.

Your Logo

For an established business you will likely have one already, it may just need digitising. A preferable approach for a logo is a 1:1 ratio for vertical and horizontal dimensions rather than a rectangle. If it is not possible to achieve this, consider breaking off a segment to use as a Favicon.

Think about working your colour scheme into the logo. Finally, consider what else you will be using your logo for other than your website.

Kadpro logo requirement from clients:

  • Logo size of 512 pixels minimum in any direction.
  • Furthermore, a square segment if the general logo is not square.

What Pages Does Your Site Need?

An essential element of a website is the pages and how many of them. Consequently, you need to plan the information required for the site. You don’t want the information to be cluttered, yet you don’t want to have unnecessary pages.
First of all, let us look at a service based website:

  • Home Page
  • Service Page
  • About Page
  • and a contact Page

While above would be the bare minimum, consider the mobile viewing experience, one services page might not be enough. Therefore it might be advantageous to have sub service pages with lots of different services and content.

In addition to this, let us look at an eCommerce website page requirement:

  • Home Page
  • Shop Page
    • Account Page
    • Cart Page
    • Checkout Page
  • About Page
  • and a contact Page

Another page that one might want to add to both these examples is a Blog page.

Kadpro includes the above pages in its cost estimate, and you only have to pay for additions to these. Keep this in mind when doing your website content preparation, but don’t let it limit you.

What Images Does Your Site Need?

Images for your website is probably one of the more difficult things to track down when doing website content preparation. Preferably images need to be related to your content while being aesthetic.
There are a few options, and while most websites use stock images (paid or free), you can do your own. This usually involves a knowledge of basic photography and a decent quality camera.
Another option is a photographer, and while this is likely to achieve the best results, the cost will be substantial.

Most noteworthy considerations are:

  • What images do you want on each page?
  • Are these images going to be used as the feature image for page SEO?
  • The focal point of the images, especially background images

The last point is especially relevant; image scaling is not always straightforward. The focus point of the image can often end up in strange places, due to display scaling.
We recommend having as much buffer zone left and right of the focal point as possible. Also, consider getting high resolution, and low ISO images as it will allow for more flexibility.

What Written Material Does Your Site Need?

Having well-written material is a must in website content preparation, especially with search engine optimisation. Each page should be thought out and contain value adding written material.
Think about your potential customer/client, and how they view read the page.

If you have opted in for SEO on your website, Kadpro will analyse your written content and give you feedback for better optimisation.

Be Prepared!

If you use Kadpro or any other organisation to build your website site, we advise taking careful consideration of the above requirements. Have as much prepared as you can, as a result; this will avoid causing delays in the final product.


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