Template Design Workflow


Whats Important?


We provide options to suit your needs and budget, start small or go for the full deal.


We believe any project should run smoothly from start to finish, both client and designer should always be on the same page.


No ambiguity with pricing and delivery, We want you to be able to budget your website from the get-go.

The Workflow

Provide us with any additional information you require that is not specified in the quote form.
Please also read this guide for content preparation.

We will get in touch within 24 hours

We will ask you any further details or anything that was not clear in the quote brief, 
we may request a Skype or in-person interview depending on the complexity of the project.

WebSite Setup

We will setup your hosting service (if you are using our hosting services), the installation of WordPress and your free email address.
We will email you all the details, login's and passwords. 

Design Phase

Now we will add all your content (images, written copy) to the template.
We will also adjust any requested colour schemes and font styles in this phase.

Review Phase

We will send you a link to the live site for you to review.
If you have opted in for SEO, we will send you any keywords we will use or suggested edits to the copy.

Review everything, check the copy, check the links, view on different devices.

Mark up using the software we provided in the link:

Final Phase

We will make the requested alterations from the review phase and any last tweaks.
We will add all the SEO keywords, attributes and setup Google Search Console and Bing Search Console if SEO opted.
We will also setup Google analytics so that you can monitor your website and traffic.


Woohoo! That's it; we will provide you with all the details for your google analytics.
We would invoice the project if there were an upfront cost. Otherwise, we will invoice for the first month of monthly payments.

Additional Information

If there are still aspects of our website design process that seem unclear, please contact us for clarification.

We will endeavour to keep this website design process guide updated and add any information that will benefit you in the future.