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Kadpro Website Design and Development

Knowledge & Design Professionals (Kadpro) has been evolving over the last year to become Kadpro Website Design and Development.
We started out in the engineering sector, providing digital documentation for about 12 months. The main idea was to give an interim revenue solution with existing skills and clientele to build the company structure.

Well, we got there, it was hard going and even harder extracting ourselves from that industry. Over the last couple of years, we have learned some essential skill sets for the future, from business, marketing to finance.

Kadpro Website Design and Development is aiming to provide a complete solution for businesses. From hosting to design/development to maintenance, we want to offer a hassle-free solution that suits actual business needs.
When starting our own business, it was apparent; we did not have the time to worry about this stuff. Our free basic website design alleviates the initial cost impact for most startup companies.

The free option is a basic template design but is a brilliant starting ground for any new business. The free template design can apply to both service and eCommerce/online stores.
The cost of building a free website is paid off monthly for the first year after that you only pay for general software/plugin licensing costs per month. Hosting and maintenance fees are also part of the monthly payments if chosen. Search engine optimisation (SEO), additional pages and product photography services are an upfront cost.

Our goal is to provide business more opportunity to move into the online domain without the handbrake on their current business activity. With extensive experience in managing projects, we have developed a clear design workflow to meet expectations.

Instant Quote

To make the cost more manageable we have created an instant quoting system that lets you get the basic idea of the website cost. Once complete you can submit the quote to Kadpro, and we will respond promptly with timelines and required information.
Some additional information might be a particular colour scheme you would like or font styles that match your businesses standards. Kadpro may ask for more details to paint a better picture of your business needs.

If you have chosen a full custom website design, we will arrange pre-project meetings to get a better idea of your business and website needs. A project meeting will be either in person or via Skype, the larger the project, the more information and communication we require.
Custom website designs also require more design phases and client involvement for reviewing. When we reply to a custom website design quote, we will create a design timeframe for each stage.

Future Plans

Kadpro has some pretty big items in the pile line, one of which is software development for the WordPress ecosystem. The most significant being a full nutrition meal planning plugin that will be an addon to Beaver Builder. We are also developing an accompanied macro calculator as part of a nutrition add-on package. We will be showcasing both of these tools on Your Body Hacks, owned by our parent company Knowles Industry PTY LTD
Kadpro is also building a quoting system similar to our instant quote, this system will also be an addon to Beaver Builder and will be dynamic with flexible logic as to apply to most if not all quoting situations.

In Closing

We look forward to providing more service and more information in the future; we have some reasonably big days ahead. If you or you know anyone who would benefit from our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


David Knowles

Director | Knowledge & Design Professionals, David is WordPress web designer/developer, specialising in plugin development, David also does web design for clean, professional WordPress sites.

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