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About Kadpro

Knowledge & Design Professionals (KadPro for short) was spawned from the idea to make beautiful and functional websites available to everyone. Everyone's needs are slightly different and are often at various stages of their business. We aim to provide different solutions to meet your criteria with a robust design flow.

We pride ourselves in the importance of providing a complete solution without breaking the bank. Too many firms take advantage of the ignorance or lack of knowledge in this industry, we want to change this.

With extensive experience across a wide range of project-based industries, we know how import design flow is. We believe communication plays a vital role in achieving a final quality product.

We aim to keep improving our client experience to develop lasting relationships into the future.

If you would like to learn more about Kadpro and our day to day company activity, please check out our Facebook page or LinkedIn page.


Every project is as important as each other, This is why we take careful consideration of our clients needs, no matter the size of the project.

- David R Knowles. Director, Knowles Industry PTY LTD.